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Vegan Veggie Soup

About the Recipe

This is one of my favorite vegan go to meals! It's filling and nutrient rich because you can literally add any and all of your favorite veggies to the pot. I hope you enjoy and share if you use this quick and easy recipe.

Cook Time:

30 Minutes



  • Zucchini (1/4 c)

  • Yellow Squash (1/4 c)

  • Tri-color peppers (1/4 c)

  •  Red Onions (1/4 c)

  • Kale  (1 c) 

  • Riced Cauliflower (1 c)


  • Fresh cilnatro (1/4 c)

Spices: (season to taste)

  • Onion Powder (1 tbsp)Garlic Powder (1 tbsp)

  • Cayenne Pepper (1/2 tbsp)

  • Dill (1 tbsp)

  • Oregano (1 tbsp)

  • Sea Salt (1 tbsp)

  • Black Pepper (1/2 tbsp)

  • Indian Curry (1 tbsp)

  • Turmeric (1 tbsp)

  • Ground Ginger (1 tbsp)

Don't Forget:

  • Grapeseed Oil 1( tbsp - or any type of oil you have)

  • Vegetable Broth (2-2 1/2 cups)

  • Beans (I love to use the Tri-Bean Blend with Black Beans, Dark Kidney Beans, Light Kidney Beans)

  • Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas) (1 can)


Step 1

add medium heat to your pot

Step 2

add Grapeseed oil

Step 3

add diced tri-color peppers and red onions with a dash of sea salt, black pepper, onion powder and garlic power to your pot

Step 4

allow the veggies to mildly cook for 3-5 minutes

Step 5

add your other veggies and allow them to mildly cook for 3-4 min

Step 6

add your vegetable broth to the pot and raise the heat to medium-high

Step 7

bring everything to a boil (while the broth is starting to boil, measure out all your spices and place them in a small dish)

Step 8

add all spices to the soup once it begins to boil

Step 9

cover the pot and lower the heat to medium. Allow the spices to love on the broth and the veggies for about 15 -20 minutes  (if you choose to add kale, wait for 10-12 minutes before you do so. It cooks really fast!)

Step 10

time to taste! (add more spices or broth to your liking as needed)

Step 11

Serve in your favorite bowl with you favorite toppings. (I love fresh cilantro on mine!)

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