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PB + Granola Toast

About the Recipe

I love a fun toast for a snack anytime of the day. This PB + Granola toast is so filling and so good!

Cook Time:

10 Minutes



  • Slice of your favorite bread (i love killer mikes bread or ezekiel bread) 


  • Your favorite type of nut butter (i love almond or creamy peanut butter) 

  • Your favorite type of granola (i love any granola with nuts in it) 

  • Your favorite drizzle ( i love date syrup or agave nectar)


  • Cinnamon 

Don't Forget:

  • Let the toast cool for just a minute before you add the nut butter so it doesn't melt 


Step 1

toast your slice of bread (you can eat it plain or with a little vegan butter for extra crisp and a buttery underflavor)

Step 2

after you allow the toast to cool for at least one minute, spread your nut butter from corner to corner and side to side 

Step 3

add your cinnamon on top of the nut butter

Step 4

add your granola (put as much as you want, the nut butter will help it stay in place)

Step 5

add your drizzle! 

Step 6

eat and enjoy!

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