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Berry Banana Protein Smoothie

About the Recipe

When you need a refreshing and protein packed snack this is the perfect simple smoothie!

Cook Time:

7-10 Minutes



  • blueberries (1/2 c) - or any of your favorite berries

  • banana (1 - small to medium)


  • Almond milk (8-10 oz) - or your favorite milk alternative

  • Peanut Better (1 tbsp)

  • Blue Spirilina sea moss (1 tbsp) - (optional) or add any of your fav sea moss

  • Plan Based Protein (1- 2 scoop) - (optional) any brand you love


Step 1

add your berries and banana to the blender

Step 2

add your peanut butter and almond milk to the blender

Step 3

add your protein powder

Step 4

blend until you get the consistency you desire

Step 5

pour into a glass and enjoy!

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